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I have been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, managing restaurants in Cairns Australia, and Paris. Strongly settled in Cairns since the past 10 years, I have been the Food and Beverage Manager for Ollies Italian and The Chambers overseeing about 40 employees, proving my ability to manage a multi venue, iconic, local operation. I have been recognised by Industry leaders to be one of Cairns' most respected Restaurant Manager and have successfully been General Manager for Papercrane Restaurant by CrystalBrook, which achieved record results in the first 6 months after taking over from the opening team. I was by then in charge of about 60 employees. At that time I was also responsible for Room Service and Minibars, in the 311 rooms complex and was appointed to be looking after the owner Ghassan Aboud when visiting his 3 hotels. I have been the Restaurant manager for C’est Bon French Restaurant for 7 years, and have been part of the team since Nicolas Devic took the business over and made it the local success it is today. Back in Paris, I was operating up to 500pax weddings in 4 and 5 stars Hotels and Casinos for the Group “Lucien Barriere”. I was appointed for looking after celebrities and recognised for my down to earth yet professional service and manners. My philosophy is to accept modern changes the Industry is suffering from and adapt systems and processes accordingly. Today, I have founded  Growin’ Hospo Solutions to offer services of Hospitality Coach, Mentor and Trainer, and have developed an Event Coordinator service making weddings and functions a breeze. During my career, I have been working on dozens of hospitality projects which have extended my area of expertise to breakfast, takeaway, pubs, bars and hotels on top of my fine dining, traditional French background.

I will bring a wealth of knowledge to any hospitality project – specifically about the industry in Cairns. I am well known to the operators, suppliers and the public in general and would bring an instant element of goodwill to any business.

Congratulations and thank if you have managed to read all the way ! I am looking forward to meeting you and doing big things together.

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Our Brand
Our Story

The cloche is symbol of all the solutions we will reveal once we have put a foot in your business, like you reveal a beautiful dish to a valued guest.
It is a metaphore to represent our comitment to keep warm & safe all informations we will be discussing while working together.
And finally is a reference to our French background.
We wanted our colours refined, classy, calm and elegant, yet approchable, modern, minimalist, and efficient, exactly like us and our work values.


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