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I’m committed to all of my clients by providing professional consulting services tailored to their needs. I believe in forming strong partnerships and am proud of my GROWIN' client portfolio. Take a look at the list below to learn more about my clientele.

For privacy reasons, most informations  remains general and will not content financial results.


Blu Marlin Bistro

Liz and I have worked on adapting working hours to the Business needs when Covid restriction eased.

We have spoken a lot about the business in general, employee's strengths and weaknesses, on design, taste, and presentation of the new a la Carte Menu. We worked on developing daily promotions and fixed a few issues with her POS while reviewing a little bit the wine list !

Today, Blu Marlin's website is clearer, her social media activity is more streamlined, consistent and attractive.

Thanks to a Staff Training, we also made a statement when talking about grooming practices, attitude at work, as well as etiquette.

Thank you Liz & Danny


Ravenshoe Hotel

Wendy is one of my first client, contracting on a weekly basis.

Every Tuesday, we meet with her managers on Zoom Meetings and discuss about the past business week, as well as forecast the following one.

Wendy and I have worked on a more efficient food menu, reducing by half wastage and making dishes come out 25% faster throughout Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

We have worked on forecasting revenue, controlling labour, and basic cogs to make her understand where we could improve efficiencies and save money.

We have doubled turnover in 6 months, while fixing her labour cost at 25%, weekly!

We have installed a new Kounta system, which provides clearer informations and KPIs. It reduces trips to the kitchen to place an order which makes staff 50% more available for their customers, and in consequence increase service and up-sell.

End of end procedure is easier, as we also have integrated Tyro.

Wendy didn't need us to understand her clientele, nor her overall business, but she needed a fresh set of trained eyes, and a better idea of benchmark and Industry practices.

Today, Wendy has a better understanding of her numbers. And even if there's still room for improvement, it is important to respect the process, and the time it takes to adapt. We grow one step at the time.

Thank you Super Wendy for your Trust.


C'est Bon French Restaurant

Nicolas is the reference of French Dining in Cairns and has hired us recently to help him mainly with Service and a few events.

It is no secrets Nicolas and I worked together for 7 years and have learned and grown together in the Industry, essentially improving every single aspect you could imagine in a restaurant to make it one of the best in Cairns.

Today, Nicolas is expanding his horizon with a few business ideas which we will be involved with in 2021.

Thank you my Friend.



Oliver and Guyala are purely the reference in Cairns on the Coffee and Breakfast scene. We have worked on creating an exceptional Pop Up dining event for the first time in Cairns transforming a breakfast place into a 12 course sensory dining experience so popular that we had to run a second night, even a $290 per head.

We owe a lot to Oliver who has supported us since the beginning and shared some business. 

We are still working together on occasional events.

Thank you


Ozmosis & Little Loco

Lauren was one of the first owner operator to trust us with major involvement in her business. 

We mainly worked on creating better systems, re-building a team spirit with existing staff, and renovations in the kitchen to make chefs' work more enjoyable, efficient, and profitable.

We worked a lot on mentoring, employee induction, roster management and smoothing out the greeting process.

Along with some newly designed menus, staff training, new online booking system, wine list and much more, and this across 2 venues, Ozmosis was and remains one of the best foodie place in Cairns. 

Thank you


Vivaldi's Restaurant & Bar

Thomas and I worked on implementing a whole new Kounta System. Faster, easier, clearer, there are, once again, dozen of reasons to change POS system. Even if we had to change all his hardware, the efficiency Thomas gained has paid for itself already.

A faster service, is a faster table rotation, so a higher revenu at the end of the night. No docket errors, or misconnection, he can even program the whole system on his own now and not rely on an expensive and never available technician when you need it.

We also helped Thomas with a couple of events and were involve in the difficult early days of the pandemic.

Thank you

Media HQ Logos\Media HQ 3.JPG

Media HQ

Jim and Amanda Bradley own a fantastic Corporate function space with the latest technologies to host seminaries and functions in live stream on Giant touch screens! 
They have hired us to do a study of the catering market in Cairns and put together menus and offers to create F&B packages for their clients wanting to book their space. Without lifting a finger, they now know everything about the Food and Beverage options out there, they are totally licensed and have complete KPIs along with personalised recommendation on what and how to put these offers in place. 

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Copper Bar & Grill

Mazhar has open Copper, on the Esplanade, and made some major renovations to offer the best Steak Options you can find on the Esplanade. 

We have assisted with the whole Installation of Kounta (Ligthspeed) Point Of Sale. 

Printers, Ipads, Menus, Recipes and with a personalised staff training and constant follow up to make sure the system is taylor made for their need.

Do you need guidance from a professional ? It's time to move and take action. Contact me today !


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