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We build up tailor made sessions based on your needs. From Waiters Basics to Managers Mentoring.

If you wish to read a deeper reflexion on why we think training is so important, please read below.

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Front of house:
Training staff to up sell is obviously a good way to increase profit but is also a tool to improve service. A couple of dollars here and there can make a huge difference at the end of the financial year ! 

Sell more, sell better

Work Space



We know how important it is to find, and keep good staff. But only a hand full of venues really implement employees long term training. Why ?

Because it is frustrating to spend money training staff when you know they are most likely going to leave a few month later. You need to figure out who you are as a business, and what you are trying to achieve.

If high turnover is inevitable, then it is important to review your offer, your menu, your processes, to streamline it as much as possible, and it doesn’t necessarily mean reducing your quality. It means adapting and working smarter. It often helps having a third party helping out, to bring fresh ideas and some experience from the outside world. Yes, you have been running the same place for years, but you need to keep an open mind and always remember you never stop learning.

We strongly believe a happy employee is by far more productive than a frustrated “work horse”. A satisfied employee will naturally make a happy customer.

Work Ethic

It all comes down to training, and passing onto the team your work ethic, standards, and expectations. It is a matter of building a solid management team, who also need support and constant motivation.

Your managers are human beings too, the fact you pay them more than waiters won't make them stick around for long. Working the floor and leading by example is the secret. Never consider your best employee for granted. Always work towards setting them up for success, and supporting them, as opposed to being bitter when they make a different decision that what you would have made yourself.

Staff Induction

An employee’s induction day is critical, his mentoring is key and his constant training is the best tool to set him up for great achievements. His success will be your benefit.


Your customer greeting process is critical. Informing him all along the experience of your menu concept, specials, or dishes out of stock is key. And having staff creating an experience by including their own recommendation is the best tool to ensure a returning guest.


For both FOH and BOH, training is a major investment, but it is time consuming, repetitive, costly and evolves constantly.

Even if you have the skills and the expertise in house, you may not necessarily have the time, and this is where we come in !


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