I assist anyone who needs help related to the hospitality industry:

- Resume re-Design & Recommendations: $39
You can have it done cheaper on Internet. But no one will spend the time and attention to learn about you first. We have hired hundreds of employees and we know what makes people stand out.

- Novice Training: first time in the industry and wanting to learn basics to find a job in a local venue? We can take you to a restaurant and teach you all basics you need to know to put all chances on you side with your research. Our name on your resume will help in Cairns especially.

- Looking for a job ? We help you find an employer and share our contacts and relations. You pay us only if we find you a job. $150. Think about the value, it will pay for itself after your first shift. It's like an investment!

- Visa: There are people qualified to answers these questions and recommend to contact an immigration agent. Visas change very often, don't listen too much to hear-saying!

Our Philosophy, everyone deserves helps and advice. We have mentored dozens of colleagues, friends, backpackers but reaches a point where it takes us so much time that we need to compensate it.


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Cairns - Queensland

0455 498 097

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