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The core of our business is to bring assistance to venue owners who need a little support with their business. We have the skills, the experience and the contacts required. 

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How do we start ?
With a chat ! For us to offer the most suitable options to begin a journey together, we need to know you. We have dozens of questions ready for you. And the less answers you have, the more time you will get to spend time with us.

Find our Process Strategy down below


Spend less time in your business, while increasing your profit, reducing your cost of goods, and building a dream team.

Once we understand your business, we offer solutions for you to implement.



The best option for a Quick Fix !

Day 1- Audit
The service of restaurant relief is a one day Audit where you and I have a serious conversation about your business. I will do a deep analysis of your employees, your systems, your clients, your menus, and your general situation unless you point us in a certain direction. We will ask you some very specific questions to understand your situation as quickly as possible.

Day 2 : Report
The next day, we write a report 

Step 1 : Analysis of your business

Step 2 : List area of improvement

Step 3 : List solutions to fix area of improvement

Step 4 : Create a calendar for operational implementation

Step 5 : Create tools to control results

Day 3 : Follow-up

After a few weeks or months, we come back to make sure everything is under control and offer extra assistance. 

Read below some common area of improvement.


Common area of improvement

CHANGE (5).png

Your POS needs to be set up with accurate and easily accessible datas. The more informations we have, the better decisions and impact we will make.
A well designed POS is also a faster service and less time spent in front of the screen.

Point of Sale

Outsource Your Management

Let us manage your roster, forecasts and KPI management.

We know it is hard to find good restaurant managers. If you need someone on the floor looking after your guests and being in charge of opening and closing your venue, you do not need a manager. A supervisor will do that very well.

Are you overpaying someone with a title of manager actually doing only supervisory tasks ? 


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