7 Restaurant Wine List Secrets you didn’t know about!

We hide gems in the middle of the list.

We could simply list a popular boring wine but instead we have chosen to surprise you, and share an experience we personally enjoyed. We love what tastes great, and what nobody knows about. Be wild, go out of your comfort zone, and never hesitate to ask for recommendations.

The perfect wine match for you might not be in the list. Very often, we have wines in stock not listed for various reasons. A bottle left from a previous list, a surprising vintage, a sample from our beloved supplier or even a wrong delivery hidden in the cellar. Help us make sure they don’t collect the dust and ask us about hidden stock.

You most likely have been drinking Vegan and environment friendly wines.

Many wines are Vegan friendly but weren’t advertising it. Obtaining official labels oblige winemakers to go through expensive and time demanding processes while their practices were already very green. However, the trend is more than ever growing and companies will have to review their strategies to not fall behind.

When you are asked to taste a wine prior to being served - say yes!

It is common practise in Europe to try your wine first because cork can alter the wine quality and If you refuse and it is off, you can be charged for it.

There are lots of other reasons why a wine could turn bad. In Australia, the temperature, light, humidity, storage, and transport are only a few examples. The tasting process is the validation of quality, and unlike many hearsay, not a way to know it you like the specific wine or not as bottle have been opened already for you. Your wine isn't sweet!

In the industry, the “Sweet wine” terminology means the level of sugar has been deliberately increased during the process of wine making.

Most of the time, if you asked for a sweet wine, you have been served a technically dry wine, and you have been happy with it. We prefer to use the word “Fruity”. Dear Sav Blanc and Pinot Gris drinkers, that’s you I am talking about!

Try a late harvest Riesling, a Botrytis or a Ice-wine if you want to have an idea or what sweet means in the future, for a winemaker.

Stop showing off! Wine amateurs make their choice, and don’t brag. They don’t swirl their wine 10 times in their glass, don’t stick their whole nose 5 times before to agree to be served and usually are noticed by their good manners and discretion.

Make it Special at no cost.

Choose a wine when booking your table and ask the staff to decant it 45 min before your arrival. It doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive choice. It will allow to enhance the characteristics of the wine, will show your guest you have been planning something special, and unconsciously the staff will pay more attention at your table. It is simple and always works. Just do it and tell us how it went.

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